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Snuggle close to me
03 February 2007 @ 01:19 am
100 icons from the latest episode of Supernatural called "Houses of the Holy".
>> Credit. [madeleneg OR snuggleclose]
>> Comment. [feedback is my drug.]
>> No hotlink.

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Snuggle close to me
07 December 2006 @ 08:02 pm
Second icon post here at snuggleclose. I hope you enjoy them all and do remember to read the credit rules and follow them. ♥ :)

>>12 all i want for christmas spn and cast icons
>>38 supernatural icons, from episodes 101, 102, 103, 104
Credit rules

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I hope your applepie was freaking worth it!Collapse )
Snuggle close to me
24 November 2006 @ 03:42 pm
first icon post. a bunch of christmas icons and a whole lot of mandy moore bases. also some pics from the cw party, mostly vm cast and spn cast, but also a couple of smallville cast if you take, make sure to check out this post first or the userinfo, snuggleclose

;;34;; christmas icons
;;32;; mandy moore icons
;;37;; cw party icons
Credit rules

Sneak peak:
// //

all i want for christmas..Collapse )

>> up next:
i. all i want for christmas icons (different fandoms and people)
ii. ryan donowho icons
iii. spn 101-103 icons</center>
Snuggle close to me
24 November 2006 @ 02:20 pm
;; S N U G G L E M E C L O S E ;;
"dude where's your car?"

this is a icon journal by madeleneg. it will mainly contain my number one fandoms, such as supernatural, veronica mars and harry potter. but it will also have a big contain of different celebrities, because i am a celebrity whore. and also alot of stock images. because stock is love. random movies and tv-shows now and then also, whatever i am in to just then when i'm making the icons.

;; credit it's a most. icons in keywords and other graphics in userinfo.
;; comment you don't have to. but comments are pure love, dude.
;; no hotlinking forbidden. save or upload them self.
;; no stealing steal and i will put you on my journals as a thief.
;; bases are not icons that you can take and make to your own, so don't.
;; textless icons doesn't mean bases always.
;; roleplay want to use some for pb? sure, just link me the rpg in a comment.
;; enjoy hey, there is no meaning to have a icon journal is you don't enjoy the icons.

if snuggleclose goes well, this will be in the future a - locked icon journal. but right now, it's open baby.